About us

Veresk-2007 is the largest Ukrainian producer of moulds for interlocking concrete paving tiles. The main superanty of our company are:

Quality. The material we apply in our production (according to specifications 25.2-05412380-2004) is durable and has necessary for this industry flexibility, that allows the use of molds over 500 cycles, and therefore reduce the cost of the tiles.

Wide range of molds - more than 70 options.

Always in stock. The whole range of molds we produce is always available.

Efficiency of work. Our machinery makes possible to make any quantity of molds in the shortest time when is necessary.

Also we offer necessary goods in production:

Iron oxide pigments from chiness DEQING TONGCHEM CO., LTD.

Plasticizer for concrete “Spolostan 7L”

  • increases the strength of concrete by 30%;
  • reduces consumption of the binder by 15-20% without compromising;
  • twice decrease gripping time of concrete, 
    of ENASPOL (Czech Republic) producers.

Lubricants for formworks BTM Universal

Veresk-2007 is official representative “DEQING TONGCHEM CO., LTD”, “Spolostan 7L”,”ENASPOL”.
It is beneficial to cooperate with us for both large enterprise and private firms.

Timeliness and high quality of the products guaranteed partnership for us with more than thousand producers in Ukraine and aboard (United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Nigeria, Algeria, Georgia, Germany, Belgium, etc.). Also we provide our clients the technical documentation for the production of paving tiles.